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Mathers Productions, LLC was formed in January 2012 by Dan Mathers as the parent company which would own and operate the many creativity projects he founded. The first business launched by Mathers Productions in March 2012 was The WC Press, a local entertainment magazine for the West Chester, PA market. The continued success of that publication has allowed Mathers Productions to fund a several other creative endeavors, including YouTube channels, digital magazines, social media marketing, food blogs, apparel companies and retail cafes. Today Mathers Productions owns or has a sizeable stake in four primary companies spanning a variety of industries.

The Founder

Dan Mathers grew up in West Chester, PA and attended Penn State University. After graduating in 2009, he took a job with Exit Zero Publishing in Cape May, NJ where he served as a project manager on a wide range of publishing ventures, and as editor for the company’s weekly newsprint magazine. He left Exit Zero in the fall of 2011 and moved back to West Chester to from Mathers Productions. Outside Mathers Productions ventures he’s been vice president of a tech startup and serves as a small business consultant. He moved to Charleston, SC in 2016 to expand marketing operations in the region. Today he lives in Key West, FL with his partner Morgan Quinn and their two adopted pitbulls Peter and Knuckles.

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