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-- About Us --

so much more than a publishing house...

Mathers Productions Limited is a full-service multimedia company with a client list of more than 160 businesses and controlling interest in four companies. We employ talented designers, artists, photographers, videographers, writers, audio technicians and event planners, and every company under the directorship of MPltd is focused on crafting effective and engaging material.

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Social Media

Social Media is no longer just a convenient way to stay in touch with high school friends – it is the primary means of media consumption for most target demographics. If you're not properly utilizing it, you're missing out on an amazing way to interact with consumers. We'll help you develop a plan to generate user engagement and drive sales.


Let's be honest: being good looking is important. Your visual branding is often a consumers' first insight into who you are and what you do - the design style you embrace speaks volumes about your company. From logo creation to web design, printed materials to social media, lets us help you establish an effective and engaging brand image that reflects who you are as a business.


There's a reason it's a cliche - a picture's worth a thousand words. And, now that consumers have 24-hour access to your business via web-connected mobile devices, it's important the picture you're painting is the right one. You work hard to produce a superior product – let us help you show that to the world.


Technology has leveled the playing field. You no longer need to pay big dollars to reach a mass market through a TV ad campaign - all you need is a great video. Content distribution centers like YouTube and Vimeo let you target consumers where they already spend their time and offer them the opportunity to engage with your product. The world's largest corporations are launching massive internet video campaigns, and we can help you do the same.

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