-- Keys Coffee Company

Keys Coffee Company

Plenty of people are content to wake up to Folgers in their cup, and others are more than happy to snag a paper cup of whatever’s convenient on their way to work. Even while on vacation, there are those who just want their morning jolt of caffeine. But for locals and tourists alike who want more from their cuppa Joe than to simply wake up, Keys Coffee Co has become to go-to spot.

Keys Coffee Co: The Best Coffee in the Keys

The shop, located on Southard St, really is the area’s gold standard for coffee. They have a great selection of beans to choose from, all locally roasted in small batches to ensure what you’re drinking is as fresh as can be, and their team are knowledgeable enough to answer any questions you might have. “Yes, you’ll find that this peaberry has a slightly fruitier aroma,” or, “Our breakfast blend uses a combination of Colombian and Costa Rican beans for a rich, nutty flavor, with a strong, alluring aroma that’ll really get you going in the morning.” Have you ever had a conversation like that with the barista at Starbucks? I’d be very surprised.

They’re also extremely proud of their cold brew coffee, of which they offer several varieties. You can always sample the classic house brew, which takes 48 hours to make and is then served over coffee ice cubes (so your coffee can be cold without ever getting watered down). But, we suggest you also give their nitrogen-infused varieties a shot. That’s right: cold coffee coming off the tap with a rich, foamy head similar to Guinness, for a creamy mouthfeel and an effervescent finish. And, that nitro brew is often available in flavors, like hazelnut or butter rum, which has been one of the shop’s top sellers.

Keys Coffee Co Key Lime BLT

With a name like Keys Coffee Co, the quality of the Java is front and foremost, but what is a pleasant surprise to many visitors is just how good the food is. Not to continue hammering on Starbucks, but what’re you gonna get there? A week-old English muffin that’s tossed in the microwave with a pre-formed egg patty? at Keys Coffee Co, everything is made fresh and to order. The eggs don’t get cracked until you place your order, and all the baked goods that aren’t made in house are delivered fresh daily. They’ve also got awesome lunch options, like the Key Lime BLT: Organic Arugula, Tomato, Red Onion, Avocado, Bacon & Kickin’ Key Lime Mayo on toasted Multigrain Bread.

We highly suggest that, the next time you’re in the Keys, you give Keys Coffee Co a shot.